Wednesday , November 25 2020

Stefi Xipolitakis gave details of his sister's complaint about her husband

Vicky Xipolitakis was at her best emotional moment when she had born her first child, Salvador Uriel. But a few days later, the dance's ex-participant was in a tense and complicated situation with her husband Javier Naselli. Last Tuesday, Vicky called 911 in a request for help declaring: I'm with a baby and I'm crazy, I'll be taken away. For verbal violence.

Over time, it all went down quietly. Consulted by the episode said the meditation: Ojal everything is solved. He has a good heart, we have different personalities without dive in termination. There are many doubts left, what happened in that confusing episode? Your sister, Stefi, relates his view of facts in dialogue with incorrectly.

"It's a sensitive problem: the family, for us Greeks or at least my family, we are very intense, very close, everything is very strong. If we celebrate, we celebrate the double value if we are sad, we make sure that second person. double because we do not want the other person to be wrong, "he began to tell Moria Casn.

Then he continued: "What happened to me with Vicky?" My name is that night I was there when everything happened, but I do not show what happens to me in privacy, I always do my art, I do not like to expose things. Personally, but hello, I'm always at my sisters side she called me i tried clothes, clothes for christmas, new year, suddenly calling the mobile phone with vicky crying. "

"I went to the place I walked in and there was a police patrol below, and I said" Oh my God, something happened to my sister. "I get up and find Vicky very calm, with Javier who was at the door, he said" Come, I'll talk to you, "and all I did was tell the police where my sister is" infant cheerleader

"When I open the door, I find Vicky with the child calm and speaking to the police lady, I hooked the last part, who said," I do not want to complain because I do not want a medical repercussion, something is happening to me I is very hurt that I'm sorry, I do not know how to face it, "he added quickly.

"Always in a relationship, they are non-stick because they can use twenty thousand things and every person is a world, so I Javier and Vicky in couple of situations I rarely say. It's sometimes good to slow down if I do not know how to stop it so the only solution was to stop it. There were a number of things that happened, that's what you should ask Vicky how she goes on and why so many things happened, "he concluded.

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