Sunday , January 17 2021

Supermarket: know how and when the Argentines buy to meet the crisis

A quarter of the total cost of Argentinian households in supermarket chains is being promoted, according to a private report, warned that this was not enough to "compensate" for each consumption. The sectors where campaigns weigh more than total purchases are those associated with beverages such as wine and beer, and frozen foods such as vegetables, frozen potatoes and hamburgers.

In that sense, the survey from the consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel showed that "though The purchases under promotion recorded a development pIn the last year, they were not enough to maintain the volume in the chains. ""Consumption decreased by 4% for the total number of carts while purchases during promotion increased by 15%, which corresponds to a quarter of total revenue, they failed to compensate each of them without promotion those who retired at a rate of 10%, "he said.

The study thus found that "26% of households' total costs in supermarket chains are under promotion, value above 23% registered in the same period last year. "" Frozen, the campaigns make the products' products more accessible to households from a more attractive ticket, "commented procurement manager Joaqun Ora.
For beverages with alcohol probably increases the purchase of larger volumes, "detalling.

In that sense he stressed: "For the ten categories with the highest volume under promotion, households carry 25% more product with regard to purchase without promotion"The work showed that one in four households registered at least one purchase under promotion in the last year in supermarket chains.

"The home buyer of campaigns in chains stands out to be high and medium with housewives from 35 to 64 years, families with 3 to 4 members with teenagers living at home or outside it", punktualiz Ora, giving a screen shot Who are those who benefit from the campaigns in the big chains.

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