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Surprise: Sol Pérez super hot kiss with Matías, a young man from Ituzaingó – 11/17/2018


In "Dance 2018"Of"show Match"(El Trece) followed the Cumbia Round after the scandal between the first couple who came out on the track – Lourdes Sánchez and Diego Ramos – with Carolina Pampita Ardohain, who replaced Flor Peña in the jury, they did their choreography Sol Pérez and Damián García.

Sol Pérez He insisted on his opinion that BAR does not make much sense in the Danish competition. After that he took it with Lourdes Sánchez as he accused of being a "liar" for everything he said about her in a dispute that has lasted for a long time.

On the other hand, the mother is Sol Pérez, Carla, who looked at everything from a corner of the studio, explained Marcelo Tinelli who does not want to stand next to BAR and Sun He said, "It's because they told him everything: he's stealing a camera, he wants to participate in" Dance ", everything …" Finally, Marcelo Carla convinced him to come a little closer to see the daughter's choreography from where the coaches stands.

After choreography, Angel De Britowhose voice is secret, he confessed to saying that he asked for BAR and did not want to say any other word. Sol Pérez, which is obvious, complained about the attitude of the jury member.

Sol Pérez and Damián García received 16 points from the jury of "Dance 2018"At the request of The BritoBAR intervened, which lowered them a point. while Lourdes Sánchez gave the BAR judgment, Sol Pérez He played with his hair in a clear gesture of ointress for what is said. "I'm combing my hair for not thinking, because this is a huge boludeo," he said when Marcelo Tinelli He asked why he did.

then, Marcelo played a comedy step with dad and mother to Sol Pérez, a neighbor of the family and Matías, a young native of Ituzaingó, a football teacher for boys from that city, who went to encourage the girl from the weather.

Both were denied being boyfriends, but Tinelli He insisted that they kiss each other. "Silver and fear of my life, which I never had," told Matías Marcelo and the driver succeeded: Sol and Matías kissed passionately.

The third pair to go to the dance floor was the cumbia Soledad Fandiño and Nicolás Villalba. They took 24 points and left the track happily.

In the foregoing, Soledad Fandiño He denied all the romances attributed to him. "I'm not with anyone, I want everyone to know that I'm single. (With rumors) scares all people's possibilities." Marcelo, roade, wanted to introduce the neighbor to Sol Pérez.

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