Tuesday , January 26 2021

The best use of time is renewed 100%: Weather channel

Something has applications of time to get to the podium of the most downloaded apps. Either for comfort, or to avoid the rainy plans, these types of apps are extremely useful. And there is one that stands out among the others, Weather channel. For the amount of data, reliability, for the huge number of stations it owns worldwide … And for the continuous effort to improve its use.

Weather channel has just been renewed Android weather app to make forecasts easier. Yes, the renewal of the interface has not been for everyone's taste as there are more users who complain about comments from the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, the application maintains all its potential, which is a lot. You have not downloaded it yet?

Weather Channel is committed to minimalism in its interface, switching from the blue background to the white

The best weather app is completely redesigned: New The Weather Channel

It will not be Material Design but it's pretty close, so is the application interface. The white cards make a look floating on the blue background; Maintain the delimitation of the different sections. Time to day, hours, days … And different additions offer the new one Lower the navigation menu by tabs.

The best weather app is completely redesigned: New The Weather Channel

The vertical scroll remains floating on the bottom, as we said; The important messages are in the upper part; and you can access radar from scratch Weather channel and also to roll in the main table. In addition, there is a small button that leads to "Climate trends"A section of what is expected in the next few hours depending on the climate value of most interests.

The best weather app is completely redesigned: New The Weather Channel

the Design renovation of the Weather Channel It's very deep. From our point of view, it's the best weather for Android if it's only because it offers its own data and does not need access to other weather conditions. Of course, you can share the user's constant position data, you must take care of it.

Would you like to download the update? It is available in Google Play Store. What you have not tried yet Weather channel? No problem: You can download it already updated from the Android App Store. It's free and contains an ad banner. You can also remove advertising with a subscription of 0.99 euro per. Month.

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Author: Weather Channel

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