Tuesday , January 26 2021

The brother of Jeff Bezos & # 39; mistress admitted to leaking intimate messages between the couple

Lauren Sanchez's brother acknowledged it He was the one who helped American media to reveal the case of the extramarital affair that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, engaged with the television host. He admitted leaking the private text messages between the couple and assuring himself that the businessman is not honest about his divorce.

In an interview with Fox News. Michael Sanchez said he was trying to reduce the scandal of romance between his sister and Bezoswhen his security advisor "launched Third World War" by advising him to go ahead and announce his separation from MacKenzie with whom he had been married for 26 years.

The interview happened before Gavin de Beckerwhich the entrepreneur ordered to investigate how National Enquirer I had received sexual messages, will reveal that his investigation had found that Michael was behind.

American media defended the emails sent by the Content Director of National Enquirer and the legal team in the company that threatened Send naked pictures of the couple if the editors did not reveal how they had learned about the romance.

Jeff Bezos condemned extortion and extortion

Bezos published a statement last Thursday where accused David Pecker, editor of National Enquirer, trying to extort it with the publication of private messages that he had exchanged with his lover.

Bezos, the richest man in the world with a fortune of $ 130,000He argued this in a long online message revealing messages sent by lawyers and editors of American Media, owned by Pecker.

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