Friday , December 4 2020

The Caruso Lombardi show: from "caring" to Julio Buffarini to the insults that the "Bebelo" Reynoso target

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi show in San Martín de Tucumán-Boca

"Tano" smiled seconds before the start of the game, crossing greetings with several members of the bank by alternates "xeneize". Also in half time, with a fun passage with "Wanchope" Ábila. But when the match started he experienced it with a lot of nervousness, which was characteristic of the coach.

But in the complement, there was time to cross a hilarious dialogue with Julio Buffarini on the page. As he was able to capture the transmission camera, DT seems to ask Boca & # 39; s defenders the "request" to speed up the kick because he played the descent.

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi directed to Julio Buffarini in his passage of San Lorenzo de Almagro. "Tano" was the key in the campaign that "Raven" avoided the descent and "Buffa" one of the players recovered by DT. The defender was one of the characters not only in the key matches to save himself from relegation, but also in the subsequent Copa Libertadores, which he won with Edgardo Bauza as coach.

At the end of the game, "Tano" lived with a lot of nervousness. Some of the games he discussed as a refurbished goal of San Martín de Tucumán got him out of the boxes. But the moment that generated more anger was at the goal of Emmanuel Reynoso. With the game tied 1-1, "Bebelo" made the staff and 13 minutes in the match scored 2-1 the key to Boca, with an exquisite definition.

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