Tuesday , January 19 2021

The condition that millions of young people can develop because of the mobile phone

Currently the prolonged use of mobile phones to send text messages or games is associated with musculoskeletal damage, and the problem is expected to worsen due to the increasingly widespread use of these devices.

According to academics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico,for tendinitis of Quervain and test neck or neck pain subtitling, the two diseases are increasing for the increasing use of mobile phones.

Mauricio Ravelo Izquierdo warned the institution to be due discomfort and inflammation they cause, They can be extremely debilitating. Although, as a first symptom, you only have a small pain in the area, if not treated, it can become intense, to the point of immobilizing the inflamed area and causing an increase in temperature and color change due to inflammation.

According to the specialist, the discomfort is explained by the discomfort that goes from the thumb to the lower part of the forearm and the neck from the neck to the shoulders; In some cases, it causes lesions in the nerve endings that come out of the cervical spine.

Quervain's disease is an injury that is basically due to the inflammation of two tendons that go to the thumb. It is given by daily movements, but can lead to an image of inflammation When performing repeated manual activities such as kneading, exercise some form of persistent pressure, writing or weaving.

In the 90s, this condition was associated with the use of typewriters,go to computers and mice, as well as video games; "He was even given the talking name Nintendinitis". But lately it is mainly related to the improper use of the mobile phone, because screens are small and therefore also the keyboard, so the fine movements of the thumb make the entire tendons become inflamed. From here there are also two other conversation names listed: smartphone thumb (cell phone thumb) or whatsappitis, explained the specialist.

Most people who suffer from this disease are young and young adults as they spend a good part of the day in front of the mobile phone. To avoid the condition, avoid using the device for periods longer than 30 minutes. after which it must be left for at least an hour and a half, so that the hand and the headrest rest.

But the problem is that there are people who can send messages for three or more hours, "explained Ravelo Izquierdo, pointing to Journalists who tend to write their notes on smartphones, actions that can take more than an hour.

The recommendations for people suffering from this condition are: rest; avoid doing such repetitive activities; use analgesics, not steroids; And in the case of the thumb, use an orthosis which is a type of fixer for the finger to rest.

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