Friday , November 27 2020

The crossed posts by Pampita and Pico Mónaco in the network confirm the vote

They arrived in Montevideo by ship; together, yes, but at a certain distance, perhaps the one who allowed them to pass unnoticed. Having covered land on the road to Punta del Este and being there, they saw themselves at hand; Then the photo was confirmed poll born. The next day they went to the beach, but after he had passed tanning, there was no demonstration of love.

On the other hand, goodbye to a 2018 who found them more distinct than together, was very different: pampita and Monaco Peak they did not observe kisses and cuddles, so that the year beginning seconds of so much devotion can leave these stormy months that began on the eve of the fateful world championship in Russia. And you can – once and for all – enjoy this love in full.

And if needed, each of his pages depicted it on his Instagram account with a message ("Bienvenido 2019") and similar pictures: in love with which he had never seen them before!

The host and the former tennis player (current businessman) gave Casa Babel, the restaurant that Monaco opened last year in Punta with some friendly partners. When returning to show together on beaches, esteñas said more than one wondered about the possibility that this reconciliation was more timely than you would: it should be a promotion to spread the benefits of the rest, and also to agree on events if brands would wait and pay) his presence with great anxiety.

However, these photos seem to deny the bad tongues. Because love cannot be hidden. At least not so much.

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