Monday , January 25 2021

The doctor who took the physical and psychological skills of Thelma Fardín spoke

Nicaraguan justice acted in the resignation of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés for sexual abuse and rape. Is the actor making his complaints in the country where the event took place. The expert from Forensic Clinics from the Institute of Legal Medicine of Managua, Humberto Pulido, spoke about this subject.

Thelma did the physical and psychological skills that correspond to the case. "We are not judges, we are experts, we can not talk about rape, we put the truth from science, they put the name of the crime, although we have the full results of the physical assessment, we only have the psychological part on a partial way. When it is finished, we will present the final report to the prosecutor's office, "said the expert, assuring that the Thelma tests have an" acute character "that the prosecutor Maryine del Carmen Rivera Escoto requests. The same prosecutor, who took Farin's complaint.

The prosecutor has also requested a psychotraumatological examination to determine the "psychological injury" and to specify the "treatment it requires". The proof will be given to the case.

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