Tuesday , January 26 2021

The English couple married the same dress

This pair married the same dress in Las Vegas in a cemetery of neon signs.

The main characters in this story are Emma Sparre-Newman and her partner, Ian Newman, native to England. They married Las Vegas and decided to use the same dress white. They also used high red heels. They were identical dresses, and their only difference was that Ian's outfit was adorned with a mustache like Salvador Dalí.

"In the last two years, Ian has almost exclusively dressed in women's clothes. In fact, it would be strange to see him in jeans and a shirt. It's just him not," explained his wife.

They met at a festival in 2014 and started a relationship two years later. On the first date he was already wearing boots.

She concluded: "I had already seen him with many velvet and lace jackets, so I was not sure what he meant," he said. As expected, Emma went to Ian's house, and when she opened the door she was dressed as a woman and introduced herself as Diana.

It should be noted that Ian is heterosexual, but likes to dress as a woman since 2011 and is named Diane because it contains her own name Ian.

Emma said, "Clothes are not so important. Ian is a charming, intelligent and warm person."

When they booked their vacation in Las Vegas, they found themselves getting married and Emma found the perfect dress at the Fairy GothMother alternative boutique in Deptford.

He also said that the idea was for others to try on a wedding dress. After the ceremony there was a party by the pool and a cookout.

Both enjoyed the ceremony much like Ian, commenting that it was amazing, "I felt absolutely wonderful, I imagine as wonderful as any bride when you dress for that day. You want millions of dollars."

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