Tuesday , January 19 2021

the file browser that Windows 10 needs


Microsoft has been striving for years UWP apps instead of Win32. Little by little, the company is migrating features and creates new UWP apps that are updated along with the major updates that they fix annually for Windows 10. But File Explorer it is still Win32 (explorer.exe) and they have not dared to create a UWP app who can replace him Files UWP is a perfect candidate for it.

UWP Files: The file browser app that Microsoft should launch for Windows 10

This app has been created by Luke Blevins, an alternative to File Explorer whose appearance is based on conceptual designs based on the rules Floating design by Microsoft itself and it is perfectly adapted to the operating system. In addition, it has both dark theme as clear that adapts to the adjustment we have made in the system.

UWP files can be downloaded from its official GitHub page with a first edition on its version v0.4.5.0, that requires Visual Studio and know how to execute scripts with PowerShell to be able to install and test it. This first version has many errors, but allows us to use it and see how it is to have a File browser based on UWP. In the pictures we can see how it looks.

It's still very green and requires many hours of development to make it stable and launch it in the Microsoft Store

His creator is currently participating in the institute, indicating his young age. Therefore, he says he does not have the whole time he wants to put on the project and that he had a year ago so he has decided Open it to other developers instead of giving up the project. For this you need programmers to add functionalities, designers to improve the interface, and testers to report errors on GitHub as they find them.

As we say, the project is currently in one very embryonic state. As you develop in the development and the app is stable, will launch in the Microsoft Store so any user can use it in their operating system. Its creator confirms it all the time the app will be free.

This is the most ambitious project for the file explorer that has been performed in Windows 10, since Microsoft has not developed one based on UWP for years. The only change they have made in this regard has been to add the dark theme Win32 file explorer with October 2018 update.

Written by Alberto García

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