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The golfer who appreciated the praise of an idol from Boca – 12/13/2018

Promise is often comforting. Some have an added value. one special recognition had Ignacio Fernandez, whose performance in the Sunday Superfinal in Madrid was highlighted especially by Juan Román Riquelme, a whole of Boca. River midfielder was proud of the words from the archival's top idol.

"They were lucky to have Nacho Fernández, who has a level better than the rest. Play the ball and it's the hardest thing is something that few do. They had the player who made an incredible game in a final. That's to congratulate him, "said Román, when he analyzed the meeting.

"It's a great pride that one identified with Boca like Román said that about me," he got up in the glove. Nacho from Al-Ain, where the river is training while waiting for the debut at the World Cup club. "I'm in my career's best moment," he added.

Regarding the challenge that the team led by Marcelo Gallardo will assume on Tuesday, the midfielder was sure of the chances of the river. "We are very good psychic. A triumph like the other day puts us in. With that confidence and spirit we will try to make a fantastic Club World Cup," he said.

While most supporters are happy for a final against Real Madrid, which does not go out of their way, Fernandez emphasized the need to focus attention on the semi-final duel, where the river will be measured with the winner of the match that Tunisian Esperance and Al-Ain Emirati will star Saturday at 13.30.

"If we think of Real Madrid, we will make a mistake and it can cost us a lot. We must have our heads in the first game, "said the former player of gymnastics and fence La Plata.

Anyway, also encouraged to project the hypothetical end so long for. "Real Madrid is a big one who can have good or bad matches. If we reach the final, we know that it will be very hard for them not to be well," he said.

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