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The incredible 15-centimeter blood clot, as a patient coughed, and that no doctor can explain

December 10, 2018

The picture is really very strong. The 36-year-old suffered from heart failure, and all the specialists were really surprised to see that this came out of his body.

Illustrative image

The explanation is not simple, and none of the specialists who found this strong picture can still decide what happened.

The episode happened in the United States, when a man of 36 years He started coughing and ended up exposing this 15-centimeter blood clot from the right bronchial tree.

The image of the blood clot for observation appears to be somewhat artistic, but unbelievably it came intact from a patient who approached the doctor's house for help. This was provided by doctors Gavitt Woodard and Georg Wieselthaler, specialists from the University of California who treated this man.

On the other hand, it was published by the newspaper New England Journal of Medicine. And from that moment on, this curious picture goes around the world. "We were surprised. It's a curiosity that you can not imagine, that is, it's very, very, very rare"said one of them that they published in Atlantic. And the explanations do not reach, especially because they have been shown intact.

This 36-year-old patient suffered from "cardiac failure with 20% exhaust fraction, bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement for bicuspid aortic stenosis, aortic aneurysm and placement of a permanent heart rate pacemaker. "

Upon arrival at this hospital in the hospital's intensive care unit, he immediately became associated with a pump to make the blood begin to circulate. In medical report it was stated: "An impella ventricular device was used to treat acute heart failure, and a continuous infusion of heparin for systemic anticoagulation was initiated."

And they add: "During an extreme cough attack, the patient spontaneously expelled an intact mold from the right bronchial tree". A week later, the patient did not show any positive signs when he placed the ventricular device, and He died due to complications of heart failure.

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