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The Manzanares counter will now also be reversed in Hotesur, the reason for investigating washing with the K hotels – 11/02/2019

After signing a cooperation agreement with prosecutor Carlos Stornelli to become an accused partner in connection with the books of the bribery, former accountant Cristina Kirchner Víctor Manzanares also wants to be "reversed" in the Hotesur SA case, investigated the hotel company for the former president of money laundering.

Víctor Manzanares has been held in the Los Sauces case (property in the Kirchner family) since 2017. In that case, Judge Claudio Bonadio accused him of preventing the judicial action after refusing a number of leases to go to legal accounts. Violation of this inhibition, the auditor decided that the money should be deposited in Carlos Sancho's personal account, another is the partners of Máximo Kirchner.

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This file is raised for oral and public examination and in the same Manzanares is being prosecuted for money laundering and participating in the illegal association that would have been led by Cristina Kirchner.

But it's not the only file that complicates the Santa Cruz counter. In the Hotesur case (signing the Alto Calafate hotel, among others), eI judge Julián Ercolini processed him with the Kirchner family and Lázaro Báez for money laundering through the hotel industry. The calculation of justice is in the period examined 80 million pesos were bleached.

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It is in this file that Manzanares, who is responsible for the accounts of Kirchners and all their companies, wants to become an accused partner. As confirmed by legal sources Clarin, Defense Attorney Alejandro Baldini met with Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita, who has delegated the case to his forthcoming oral test.

The order for the defense of Manzanares has counted the days. When Judge Ercolini completes the investigation, the auditor will no longer be able to negotiate his executive order as an accused partner as stipulated by law.

The meeting held on the fifth floor was a first approximation, however It was not entirely beneficial for the former auditor.

As he told me Clarin, In his confession before Stornelli in the cause of bribery of bribes, Manzanares pointed out that after Néstor Kirchner's death, The former president was the "company of all" the companies under investigation and that family businesses are under suspicion.

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In this connection, he referred to the role of Lázaro Báez and Cristóbal López as participants in money laundering investigated both in Los Sauces SA (where rentals were simulated, settled by the law) and in Hotesur SA, where – as Ercolini – was resolved, it simulated the letting of the hotel business to dump some of the received money Báez through public works.

In both cases, the judge confirmed it money was taken from the state to dump it in these operations and its final destination is Kirchner's heritage.

All these numbers went through Manzana's hands, in whose environment they repeated it "They all washed money, the companies used it for it."

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With this premise waiting for Judge Bonadio to ratify his cooperation agreement to become an accused partner in the case of notebooks, Manzanares wants to "reverse" in Hotesur. A Key Factor: Part of the information provided by the auditor to the Pollicita Prosecutor and presented in his extensive investigation before Stornelli.

Both Hotesur and Los Sauces are intervened by court decision. In the Hotesur case, Manzanares is accused of money laundering verified by prosecutors Gerardo Pollicita and Ignacio Mahiques. His study showed that the tenants and the management of the Kirchner family hotels – because Las Dunas and La Chaltén Village were included – they were simulations to wash money.


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