Friday , January 15 2021

The moving message of Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha was honest with her supporters and published a deep message on their social network. Hours later, the singer premieres a song from her new album, whose release is expected on February 15th.

Natti Natasha received a

Night Natasha He published progress on his new album in recent weeks. The album will be released on February 15, and it will be called IllumiNati. The young singer shared the cover of the new album and the list of songs. In addition, he threw some singles to view some of his new material.

Night Natasha This time he shared a picture on his Instagram with a black background with a white letter message. Her words sought to express what it had inspired her to produce one of her new themes.
The publication that Natti Natasha did on Instagram.

"Behind every smile and every success I enjoy today was a lot of pain and difficult moments. Today, all this pain and sadness became the strength to continue to go with my head to reach all the goals that I one day. thought I would never achieve. Today at 6 am the strong women are felt through my expressions, "Natti Natasha wrote. The singer expected her to release a new song The best version of me.

The photograph received over 40,000 within hours and comments from his fans who felt identified with their words. "Natti, you are always pushing people forward. So it was always my girl with her head high" he dedicated one. After the problem was announced, many returned to this publication to congratulate her. Others took the opportunity to share their experiences, resembling those of the new song. "Come on, Natti, I congratulate you on your performance and continue forward. Strength" said another user sincerely.

Within a couple of hours Night Natasha He uploaded a video with his new song. There she can be seen crying while singing the new song.

A clean skin and leather, Natti Natasha blinded the street

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