Monday , January 25 2021

The outer worlds will not be as big as Fallout: New Vegas

Following its announcement in The Game Awards and our test titled in Obsidian Entertainment's own offices, The outer worlds It is postulated as one of the most anticipated titles in 2019 for lovers of this kind of RPG. From Kotaku, they have been able to contact the company's communications director, Mikey Dowling, to talk more about a piece of work with a certain taste Fallout: New Vegas because of who develops it.

The title, which is part of a new Take-Two release label, is designed to be an "AA". It is not an independent game, but it is also not an AAA title, according to Dowling's statements. That way, despite the fact that the outermost worlds want to be a big, open and very big video game, players who will immerse themselves in this universe They should not expect such a big and ambitious world as we could see in Fallout: New Vegas or other suggestions like The Withcer 3.

This is neither better nor worse, it will simply be a very different experience.

"Although we do not talk about the total number of areas that the game wants, a good reference point would now be to think about what we did in his day with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, with more land exploring in each area, "commented the Obsidian member.

Recently, we have also known it The outer worlds It does not want micropayments, but we only pay for the game once; The rest of the items and amplifiers are achieved by playing, do not go through the box.

The outer worlds will be put on sale in Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year 2019.

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