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The ranking with the 100 most influential characters in 2018 for the Argentines – 01/01/2019

In full Menem, 1995, a private consultancy began to work ranking with the 100 most influential characters of the year for the Argentines. The results are as curious as fun. Among other things. because there are no limits to goods and can be included death. So for example, this 2018 edition gives some pearls at the top of the table: besides confirming the crack in the head between Macri and Cristina, Carrió beats the Pope, Lanata Tinelli and Mirtha Legrand relegates to heavyweights, Perón and Trump.

The study, from Giacobbe & Asociados, includes 2,000 cases examined between December 5 and 10, and was projected by the Noticias magazine. It is an online survey across the country. As a peculiarity, the list is actually 101 characters because in 100th place it corresponds to wing president Jorge D & # 39; Onofrio and the governor of Cordoba, Juan Schiaretti. The complete tables are enclosed in the article.

"The pair of contradictions that have dominated Argentine politics over the last long years is a symptom in every study we conducted at Giacobbe & Asociados, the ranking of Influential is no exception, representing this dispute all the time. Mauricio Macri is again in the first place, almost always with presidents of the country, which also reflects the presidential and personalistic vision of the Argentines, "the analysis Jorge Giacobbe, director of the consulting firm, begins.

And it continues: "From the 5th to the 2nd place, Cristina Kirchner climbs, favored by the government's thin moment, pushed up as the figure of Néstor (from 50 ° to 22 °) of mistrust and uncertainty that Cambiemos produces. They are followed by María Eugenia Vidal, Government's future letter, and the inner accuser Elisa Carrió. It is interesting to see how the players 'significance in the citizens' mental maps can be based on realities with the voting that is completely different. "

How is it complete Top ten What does the consultant describe? In parentheses, the place they occupied in 2017.

1 ° Mauricio Macri, 1,381 votes (1 °)

2. Cristina Kirchner, 1,027 votes (5.)

3. María Eugenia Vidal, 858 votes (3.)

4. Elisa Carrió, 818 votes (2.)

5th Pope Francis, 502 votes (6th)

6th Patricia Bullrich, 421 votes (21st)

7th Jorge Lanata, 402 votes (4)

8. Marcelo Tinelli, 330 votes (12)

9. Mirtha Legrand, 297 votes (8.)

10. Juan Domingo Perón (18) and Donald Trump (17), 267 votes.

Lanata is still ahead of Tinelli in rankings: seventh and eighth respectively.

Lanata is still ahead of Tinelli in rankings: seventh and eighth respectively.

In the summary of the results, a few data stand out: among the 101 most influential people there are 83 Argentines, 15 foreigners and 3 legal persons / others (such as the Catholic Church); 80 men and 18 women, 80 live and 18 dead.

By category, they lead politicians in general (25), followed by presidents or ex (17), journalists (16) and social leaders (6). A single union, Hugo Moyano, continues in the 20th position (in 2017 he was 41.).

The rest of giacobbe analysis

– The victims of polarization:

"We can see evidence that polarization tends to eradicate internal diversity of each room, opaque other shapes. They stopped this year, like people like Ernesto Sanz, Esteban Bullrich, Graciela Ocaña, Mariana Zuvic and Federico Pinedo for the government party, and Veronica Magario, Sala Milagro and Amado Boudou to Kirchner. Also Margarita Stolbizer by third parties in discord. Exceptions to this rule are the cases of Carolina Stanley, Alfredo Cornejo, Felipe Solá and Juan Schiaretti, who, although they become very influential. The three major spaces in politics need, rather than later, internal renovations. "

– The media right

"New diversity is the appearance of a sector as broad as it is disorganized, so much more media than political, intends to run to change right & # 39; or & # 39; for liberal & # 39;where we can record the presence of Javier Milei (43 °), José Luis Espert (46 °) and Alfredo Olmedo (51 °) ".

– The international quota

"Appearance of Christine Lagarde (16), Xi Jinping (39), Jair Bolsonaro (53), a greater emphasis by Donald Trump (11th) and Vladimir Putin (33.) added to the ever-present Angela Merkel (60 ) shows that international relations managed to settle in the mindand therefore, the discussion about deploying ourselves in the world will be a crucial issue ".

– The most fun

"Finally, and just to please the readers who enjoy scandalizing year after year with the results of this ranking, it is important to pass on some details in clear: that Jesus (85 °) is under the dancer Flor Vigna (64 °), on The same way as Diego Maradona (23 °) lies below Lionel Messi (18 °) and & # 39; Gu & # 39; Guevara (62 °) far below Jaime Durán Barba (38 °). I'm waiting for you in social networks".

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