Sunday , January 24 2021

The reaction of Thelma Fardín after listening to Juan Darthés: "The interview was gender violence"

There were many actresses who despised Darthé's proverb, though Thelma Fardín, Once again, he used Twitter to express himself after seeing the interview: "I have already spoken and I was heard, justice is moving on, the important thing now is to take advantage of the phenomenon that was generated to continue with to make matters visible, speak more, listen more and change paradigms. My case is not the only thing we should give room for all the votes that are taking place. "

Two hours later, he went back to using social networks and defining Mauro Viale's interview with Juan Darthés as "gender violence". The complete tweet that could be read in the actor's account stated: "Today's interview was gender-symbolic at the symbolic level, which is a threat in which responsibility for their actions is transmitted to those who are their victims, they can not revive us by any means to make us responsible for the consequences for his life. "

Juan Darthés, in an interview that lasted just over 10 minutes from the kitchen in his house in Nordelta, refused all charges. "It's that I'm dead, all I want is for people to know my truth: I've never raped or harassed anyone." And minutes later he added: "If this is true, I'm the first to kill myself, I'm the first to condemn myself."

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