Sunday , January 17 2021

The river came to Abu Dhabi to play the Club World Cup: when will the debut be?

Although the joy of winning the Copa Libertadore Superfinal still invades the Mundo River, the leader of the players and coaching staff must be cold since The next goal is: Club World Cup.

With Marcelo Gallardo as the main ideologist, The million camp arrived at Abu Dhabi early Wednesday morning after departure Tuesday at 12.00 (afternoon from Spain) on charter flights. The purpose of the coach was to avoid the scales that airlines usually do in this class of flights.

After seven hours, the Argentinean team arrived on December 12, the day when the Club World Cup will start with the meeting, which will include Team Wellington in New Zealand and Al Ain (local team).

From Abu Dhabi airport, they landed for Al Ain, and they already live at Hili Rayhann Hotel.

Nuñez will practice at Tahnoun Bud Mohammed Stadium against Chock Tuesday 18th (13:30) between the winner of the match and Hope of Tunisia.

Next day they will travel back to Abu Dhabi to stay at Shangri-La Hotel and practice at the Defense Camp. If he wins, he may ultimately face Santiago Solari's Real Madrid (on the side of the draw are Kashima Antlers of Japan and Chivas de Guadalajara). Saturday 22 December at. 13.30 is the big definition planned.

The team team to play the Club World Cup:

River Road in the Club World Cup:

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