Monday , November 23 2020

The romantic proposal for marriage by Pollo Álvarez to Tefi Russo

Joaquín The chicken Alvarez and Tefi Russo They whitewashed their romance earlier this year, and on closing it surprised everyone who announced their marriage.

Even though they had already expressed their desire to go through the altar, there was no need for an official. For the chosen driver, a very special moment.

For a vacation in a paradise beach, El Pollo suggested marriage to the chef while they were at sea, and everything was recorded in a video he shared in his Instagram account. "See that there are beautiful moments in life, but TODAY, that in love I feel so good, so complete, so accompanied … We went on holiday to a beautiful place that is very small before your YES happiness Officially now if we come in. This is just the end of the video, the rest, as it should be, will be for privacy, i love you @inutilisimas ", He wrote to accompany the pictures.

"We apologize for the inconvenience, we are out of service, we went to the rubber band and we are getting married! Now it is official, @polloalvarez," Tefi celebrated hours later on the same social network, proud to show the ring.

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