Friday , December 4 2020

The rumor of the new character of Apex Legends gets more strength

In recent days, the rumor of the arrival of a new character is Apex Legends It has taken power after the content of the title has been filtered. Today, to contribute to the evidence that it is imminent, new artifacts have emerged which could be part of Octane's skills, the name of the enigmatic character.

Recently, traces of the inclusion of a new legend in Battle Royale of Respawn Entertainment have given the community the title. Especially, it is a kind of inflatable sacks that are placed on the ground, and that makes the player, when placed on them, driven at great distances. The said equipment can be found near the market.

According to what has been leaked, Octane could install these propeller panels on the floor so everyone can use them as part of their ultimate ability, and all this seems to fit this accessory that unexpectedly appeared in the title.

Despite the tests, the game's developer has not made an official statement about it, because the only answer is a mysterious emoticon that came from a Respawn Entertainment developer on a reddit theme, as a user noted this add-on.

We leave you with a clip of the user of Twitch RealKraftyy, where you can see how these panels work.

Do you think that octane reaches Apex Legends? Would you like to play with this character? Tell us in the comments.

In related information, a fan of the game in recent days shared a map showing how it would be a customization Apex Legends for anime. On the other hand, to contribute to the good reception of the newly launched Battle Royale, Ninja played it and there are those who claim to have received 1 MDD to do so.

Apex Legends It debuted in early February and you can play it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can find more information about it in its file.

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