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The SSD will cost the same as HDD double capacity in 2019


the SSD have suffered one very sharp fall in prices in 2018, with prices that currently stand at a third as to how they started the year. This decline has fallen slightly in recent months, but in the light of In 2019 the price decline is expected to be at least the same as what is experienced in 2018. And it will bring prices on the SSD much closer to the hard disk prices.

In the next two months, a slight increase is expected

This is what Digitimes says, referring to industrial sources. The memories 3D NAND Flash they have threw the price of the SSD off the floor, and the fact that QLC will get bigger presence in 2019 will make this number even lower.

In the short term, SSD will suffer a small price increase which lasts two months until the end of February. But from there it is estimated that there will be a significant drop. The producers have slightly increased the price, and brands are buy the right share of estimates that prices will continue to decline.

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Thus, there are currently different trends on the flash memory market. Memory cards, such as SD has risen slightly in price already, while SSDs have remained stable. In the case of eMMC, their prices have also stabilized over the past two months.

The 500GB SSD costs the same as a 1TB hard drive in 2019

This overcrowding of NAND memories must turn the producers off mobiles equip larger capacity in their terminals in 2018, which will help to reduce the current share. It is estimated that leading mobile manufacturers will offer versions of up to 512 GB, among which we find Samsung.

ChinaFlashMarket has, for its part, also shown the price of The 240/250 GB SSD is already lower than for 1TB hard drives, with an average of $ 29 per unit. For their part, 480/500 GB is already worth about $ 57 on average. According to industry, before the end of 2019, the SSDs originate 480/500 GB will be placed in range of prices currently 240/250 GB.

Therefore, for that date buying a 1TB hard drive will be a decision that not many take because for the same price you have a 500GB SSD at much more speed. In addition, there are the advantages of space, weight and silence that characterize SSD.

SanDisk SDSSDA-480G-G26 Plus – 480GB internal solid disk (SATA III, 6.35cm, with up to 535MB / s)


Written by Alberto García

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