Friday , December 4 2020

The strong answer from Amalia Granata to Jimena Barón: "You make it beautiful on Twitter, but you've blocked me"

To start a new battle with his former partner, Daniel Osvaldo, Jimena Barón received an impressive support in social networks that materialized in the hashtag #YoCrioSola, run by the journalist specializing in gender, Florence Freijo.

#YoCrioSola It quickly became a trend. However, there were critical voices, and one was the panelist Amalia Granata, which in its opinion caused the immediate reaction of Baron .

"We have the power to travel alone, but we do not stop being victims of a shit. Being a victim is not offensive. It is not so difficult to understand Amalia, it also happened to you at that time. We are happy that you have a better time"Baron wrote on his Twitter, enrapturing granata.

The tweet that generated Granata's anger

The tweet that generated Granata's anger

The answer didn't take long to arrive. "Jimenita claims food fee is a right for my daughter, not a victimization of her mother, I surrender! I can't do with so many coarse and ignorant people"Granata replied the same way.

"And I do not regret you because you are beautiful because of tw, but you have blocked me"Was the second message from the panelist to the Bailando finalist.

And finally, Granata asked the alleged injury importation of Jimena Barón and launched: "The victim of this situation is not you Jimenita , the victims are the children raised with absent parents ".

The differences between Jimena Barón and Amalia Granata stem from the discussion and the crack generated from the bill of voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

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