Saturday , January 16 2021

The transfer of milk plants and brands sold by SanCor to Adecoagro was signed

The cooperative, based in Sunchales, today transferred the Chivilcoy and Morteros plants

SANTA FE.- Chivilcoy (Buenos Aires) and Morteros (Córdoba) milk plants and brands Las Tres Niñas and Angelita are already owned by the agro-industry Adecoagro. The signing of the transfer documents from the SanCor Cooperativas Unidas Limitadas to the buyer, for 45 million. USD, took place today in Sunchales, the dairy community headquarters.

From now on, progress will be made in the process of transferring the workers to the same plants. "The process started last year when the so-called Plan SanCor was announced, which included reducing the number of employees according to a voluntary retirement scheme and the solution of four plants, Brinkman in Cordoba (with an important cheese deposit and preparation of raw material to choose it for quality), Coronel Charlone, Buenos Aires (drafted roquefort), Moldes, Córdoba (hard cheese for export and domestic market) and Centeno, Santa Fe. This plan also included the sale of Arla Foods shares, the sale of 10% of the remaining fresh raw material company to Alimentos Refrigerados SA, along with two brands and the Córdoba distribution center, "he explained.
The nation a source associated with the cooperative.

The source recalled that "all the steps SanCor had announced since 2017 were implemented. They failed to comply with any."

The company highlights progress in the restructuring plan, which included staff reductions
The company highlights progress in the restructuring plan, which included staff reductions

For the two factories that pass into the hands of Adecoagro, the transaction involves the transfer of 280 employees.

The Morteros factory produces cheese in bar and milk powder, while the Chivilcoy factory produces UAT milk and has the capacity to produce refrigerated milk that SanCor has stopped doing for some time.

Founded in 2002, Adecoagro handles more than 435,000 hectares in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay and has three sugar, ethanol and energy plants, three rice mills, two dairy farms and 10 grain storage and conditioning plants. In Argentina, it is the largest milk producer with more than 300,000 liters a day.

"These acquisitions are in line with the development of a sustainable milk production system that the company has been doing for the past 10 years on its fields in the southern part of Santa Fe and where it has already invested more than $ 170 million" Adecoagro said in a declaration.

"Today, Adecoagro already has more than 8,000 milk cows in its model milk farms, producing more than 300,000 liters of milk daily and in those who generated more than 250 new jobs these years." As part of the integrated system and sustainable, in this establishment, electric energy is produced from fertilizer by cows, and efforts are being made to reach a volume of 14,500 cows and 550,000 liters of milk for the next two years, creating more employment, "he added. .

Meanwhile, the company's CEO, Mariano Bosch, stated: "Argentina is one of the world's most efficient milk production countries because of its unique agro-ecological conditions and the human capabilities of human capital. Producers achieve a profitable price for their milk and offer consumers the best quality products. at affordable prices, because it is necessary to be effective and competitive worldwide. "

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