Saturday , November 28 2020

The unexpected confession of Mica Viciconte: "I prefer a girl and Fabin wants a baby"

Glitter Viciconte I lived an excellent year and it is best. She became one of the star's panelists in Incorrectas, the program was hosted by Moria Casn; it had a strong presence in 2018 Dancing, although it was marked by the "jury's" unfair returns; debut as a star in the play Nuevamente juntos along with Carmen Barbieri, Santiago Bal and her son, Fede; And finally, laundering his romance with Fabin Cubero, with whom things go better than ever.

Although there were several crises with Nicole Neumann, ex of her partner, float and the football player has an idyllic relationship. They met in 2017 and in early 2018 whitewashed their romance. Soon she met Fabin's daughters (Indiana, Allegra and Sienna) with whom she has a very nice relationship, judging by the small smiles in each picture that mica Share in your Instagram account.

Actually lace She talked about her Ao Nuevo party while acting as a note for Incorrectas, revealing that she joined Cubero and the girls with the whole family. I had to come with a football player, but he is with my whole family and his family in the fifth of my mother, I had a picarda. New Year I spent with my family in my house with the girls. The coexistence is quiet, the whole family of l ac, his mother, his father … we are all from Mar del Plata, so we are very comfortable, explained.

The girls spent Christmas with their mother and New Year with father, he added. Then they told him if he would not be a mother in that case. Yesterday we went to the beach with my friends and friends of him and talked about it. When you are with babies, a small error wakes up. You began to observe, and I think I would like to be a mother, salvation panelisten

The reality is that today I don't have time to be one. I want to be a mother, but I have a lot of work. But talk! Prepare between laughter. And it went above and beyond. I prefer a girl and Fabin wants a baby. You must have two! Brome, with simpata to add to their colleagues. From the floor they made him aware that things were very serious with Poroto. Yeah, I didn't go out last night, I didn't go to Bold's party, and I continued to sleep with my girlfriend Vic Victo.

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