Friday , January 22 2021

The unvaccinated crusade: "the war" against their parents and how to try to be immunized

They are teenagers, and their rebellion was awakened in the form of consciousness. The awareness of knowing that they were never vaccinated because their parents had a crusade against laboratories and injections. Now their crusade is but contradicts them.

Alzamietno began in the social network Save your. It was driven from one post by Ethan Lindenberger, a teenager from Norwalk. Ohio. In his publication, the young man asked for advice that reverberated strangely with those who read it: I wanted to know how to get vaccinated.

With 18 years old, Ethan He was old enough to decide for himself how to care for himself. He intended to be vaccinated. It's so simple And I asked for help. He was tired of his mother's explanations, Jill Wheeler. a woman against the government's vaccination system, which they saw almost in-depth.

"My parents believe that vaccines are a kind of state scheme. But because of their faith I was never vaccinated against anything, only God knows how I still live"wrote the teen.

the posts of Lindenberger – The oldest of five siblings of 16, 14, 5 and 2 received more than a thousand comments. The young man never believed his words would have such influence. Even a user of Save your identified as a nurse, stated the steps to be followed as part of the health system.

Throughout his life, the young man saw that his friends were vaccinated, but that his mother was in violation of this need for public health.

The publication in the popular social network came after a fight in his own home. At the table on the daily dinner. Ethan began to advise: not with laboratories, but with academic centers. He read reports, papers Studies, thousands of pages that scientifically opposed the postulates of his mother, who blinds, did not want to look beyond his beliefs.

Wheeler issued all kinds of urban myths related to the vaccination system: children can develop autism product of these diabolic injections. The domestic war came in different ways: Washington Post He was one of them; Undark, a science magazine online He also opened the game to his readers.

"It was as if he were spitting on me and telling me you do not know anything, I do not trust you, you do not know what you are talking about, you made a bad decision and now I have to repair it"He trusted Wheeler for this publication.

Who convinced Ethan Taking the first step was his priest. He told him that he was legally qualified to make his own decisions. He was free, he told her. December 17 was his baptism with vaccines. He came in Ohio State Department of Health and received a cocktail of drugs against Hepatitis A, B, influenza and against Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

But his mother won't give up. Although he can no longer prohibit him from doing so, he is firmly convinced that his 16-year-old brother does not receive vaccines, although he wants to be immunized from potential diseases.

in Washington and Oregon At least 56 people included measles. These sites are places where anti-vaccine movements have multiple roots. The authorities had to declare sanitary emergency at the outbreak. Alan Melnick, director of Clark County Public HealthHe explained that the disease is highly contagious and that the presence of the virus in an unvaccinated population is extremely dangerous.

The consultations in Save your on how to get vaccinated they spread them. "I'm a minor who wants to be vaccinated. What are my options?"asked on January 28 in the social network."I'm a minor teenager in Washington whose mother is against vaccines. This has been a big debate in my family as all children are strong believers in vaccines. Like my brothers, I have the ideology that vaccines are a public health problem and a personal responsibility for the benefit of the population, not a right that you can revoke from your children".

The user identified as PuffPuffer I asked: "In short, how can I be vaccinated, even though my mother rejects all the facts and evidence as she constantly hides behind a fragile wall of false ideas and false ideas?".

The 50 US states have laws that require specific vaccines for students. Although the exceptions vary from state to state, all school immunization laws provide this kind of permission for children for medical reasons.

Almost all states provide religious exceptions for people who have religious convictions against vaccines. Currently 17 states allow philosophical exceptions for those who oppose immunizations due to personal, moral or other beliefs, according to National Conference of State Legislatures.

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