Thursday , January 21 2021

The video that makes River Rivers fans cry: The Pity Martinez goal of Titanic's music

Corner to Boca. There are seconds left to the end of Copa Libertadores. Win River 2-1. Goalkeeper Esteban Andrada goes for the heroic to nod and look for the tie.

But it does not happen. And the millionaire's counter is fulminating. Gonzalo Martínez passes the ball on the spur of the moment. And ends in the 3-1 definition, to close the game and give the title to the band. And Madrid, Núñez and many parts of Argentina are a white and red party.

Festivities exploded all over the world, and also in social networks. Smartphones allow a lot to do with just one application and thousands of fans dedicate themselves to having fun and celebrating the title before their eternal rival.

And how could it be otherwise, performed the already classical emotional and epic video with the pictures of the party and Titan's music. The corner game and run for the Pity goal on the one hand, and "My heart continues" on the other, combined.

The magnificent song of one of the most awarded films in history, in Celine Dion's magnificent voice, is recycled to make more living for a moment, remembering for eternity.

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