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The violent message of an ex Boca before Superclásico Copero


November 16, 2018

The former midfielder Xeneize referred to the second leg of the Monumental and asked to "break the head of the head".

"Giunta, Giunta, Giunta, Egg, Egg, Egg", A Blas Armando Giunta always in his head has the melody that came down from the tribunals of La Bombonera the encouraging words that hung fans of mouth when he would play a ball to the limit and in the same sharp way he played, he explains as well.

Former midfielder Xeneize, always noted for his skill more than for his ability in the field, left a message that thought of the Superfinals in Copa Libertadores to be played next Saturday, November 24 at the monumental stadium, between River and mouth.

"ABig arm, bear Boquita, now more than ever daddy. You have to kill them. Now let's stick, you'll see we'll be fine, We will break our heads on those hoarshairs. A hug, crazy, come on Boca"Was the message from Giunta, who played in La Boca below 1989 and 1993 and 1995 and 1997.

The astrologer who predicted the draw at La Boca gave his forecast for the Superfinal between the river and Boca

The midfielder serves today as a coach for Admiral Brown, as billions in First Metropolitan B, but it is always very close to the news about xeneize, where it became an icon that the fans use as an example to mark how a football player wearing the blue and yellow shirt is going to play.

After the 2-2 race at La Bombonera, River and mouth will play the rematch match Saturday November 24th, at 17:00, when the monumental hosts the second final in Copa Libertadores. It should be remembered that this will be the latest edition where the definition is played with a round-trip match, since 2019 will be a single match to be played in a neutral field. For next year and the final place is already defined and will be played in Chile.

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