Wednesday , January 27 2021

The woman who was hospitalized for leishmaniasis in Salto died

This Saturday, the woman died after not responding to the treatment being delivered. He also suffers from other "chronic diseases", as reported by the Ministry of Public Health.

At night on Saturday, and having stayed one month in the Salto Hospital's Intensive Treatment Center, the woman who contracted visceral leishmaniasis died.

This is the first fatal accident that comes from the Salto Department after registering the first cases of infected dogs in 2015, and on which the health authorities have reported having the situation checked, they have not yet been able to eradicate insects transmitting from the animal to human infection.

Suspicion that leishmaniasis could affect humans after discovering a large number of infected dogs in a discovery originating from the residential neighborhood of Arenitas Blancas, on the Uruguay River and scattered throughout the city, ignited alarms from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP). Therefore, a sanitary hospital ward was held, which lasted a year and a half in a questioning campaign to eradicate garbage and smoke in the points called "red" by the professionals responsible for the campaign.

The 33-year-old girl, who in the last few hours became the first lethal victim of this disease, was diagnosed after making epidemiological studies in Montevideo in January.

The disease, which was added to other chronic health problems that the young woman had, did not support the treatment she was treated with. Now for the health authorities, a new phase is proposed to prevent the disease from spreading.

MSP reported in January that the woman was "native to Salto" and that she was "an operator of several chronic diseases".

Source: El País (UY)

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