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The works in the El Gato stream ended: This is seen from a drone

February 6, 2019

This week and six years after the flood in La Plata, which caused 80 years of death, sanitation was completed.

This week, the government of the province of Buenos Aires joined Sanro works by Arroyo El Gato, in La Plata and they showed how they look from a drone

Six years after the flood that caused death of more than 80 people in the city in April 2013, due to overflow of the basin, The crossing was extended and more than 300 humble homes were moved.

The hydraulic infrastructure work was announced in 2013, following the fatal episode, even though it was paralyzed until the arrival of Cambiemos al Gobierno.

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The governor of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidal, said on Wednesday about the project: "The work was stopped and the funds were not there because it is a work that cannot be seen by those who go down. They are almost 200 blocks of pipes below. But they are the works that avoid flooding that allows the water to drain faster. "

El Gato is a stream about 25 kilometers long there it crosses the northern edge of the provincial capital until it empties into the Santiago River and then into Río de la Plata. This work done by the province but by national means focused on the expansion and deepening of the channel it receives.

"We still have a lot of work to do, But I know that from tonight hundreds of thousands of residents of this city will go to sleep more peacefully. They know that the water will drain faster. They are works that already have funding and are not going to stop beyond what is happening in December this year because they work with international funds, "Vidal added on this task, which benefits 429,000 inhabitants in the region.

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