Thursday , December 3 2020

They killed a union in the middle of a discussion for the turn of the year

The section took place after Billarreal met in the morning with the municipal president of Puerto Gaboto, Sandra Aguirre, to whom she would have requested a financial contribution to the Fiestas Association, a request that was refused.

When leaving the meeting, the Secretary-General crossed the main square of the city to convey the results of the meeting to the members.

According to the portal Regional information, a gathering was held at the place whose climate was rising untilNot by the participants in the debate, he scolded Billarreal.

They braided themselves in a fight with fists and in the middle of the match the member took a firearm. He shot Billarreal twice in the legs, which fell to the floor. So the attacker gave him a rattle stump on his head and fled.

The Secretary-General He was taken to the San Lorenzo hospitalwhere he died at noon, because a bullet hit an artery.

As happened, the attacker would already have been identified. The San Lorenzo prosecutor intervenes in the case.

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