Thursday , June 17 2021

They killed him and threw their body on the highway next to a sign: "With Mafia Do not Fuck"

"The body lay down with the hands tied behind and with three cold ulcers, one in the neck and two in the lower part," said the police. report

A man He is shot dead and thrown on the highway from Rosario next to a sign saying "with the mafia not fucking".

The man was between 30 and 40, found on the side of a highway in Santa Fe City and has not yet been identified.

They found him at 10 o'clock on Avenida Circunvalación and Oroño Boulevard, in the western part of Rosario, where the highway to Buenos Aires was born.

"The body was on the stomach with the hands tied with three cold ulcers: one in the neck and two on the lower back," Luis Schiappa, a Rosicro murderer in Rosario, told a press conference. Pietra, from the fact.

Based on the preliminary results, the official found that death is from 36 to 48 hours before the discovery. "He was wearing a shorts and a T-shirt. He had a note on his cardboard and wrote with a pen that makes us suspect that he was executed in this place for the reasons expressed in that letter," said the prosecutor without reveal text in the note.

The presence of a sign with a message pointing to the crime scene and being hidden among the deceased's clothes is highlighted.

Although the official refused to confirm what the text referred to in time, overwritten images of the cardboard written with a pen, which read: "With the Mafia Do not Fuck".

He added that it will be investigated if it is a man whose family reported that he was missing last Saturday night when he was last seen. The body was transferred to the Legal Institute of Regional Unit II in Rosario for exercise.

The Prosecutor's Report (MPA) reported that they did not find ballistic material of interest for the cause, but the body's liveliness and preliminary medical report coincided with pointing out that the murder could have happened there.

However, he also pointed out that it would pass through corridors that have municipal and provincial emergency quarters, as well as other units from the Andreani company that will be analyzed. It works intensively in identifying the victim in order to advance the investigation.

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