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They present a new complaint and arrange a march against Judge Luis Rodríguez – 02/11/2019

While organizing a demonstration among lawyers to promote their dismissal, The questionable federal judge Luis Rodriguez will certainly be the subject of discussion this week in plenary session of the Magistrates Council scheduled for Thursday.

Although there is no scheduled meeting of the Disciplinary and Accusation Commission, yes the counselors will probably resolve to inform him of the new complaints about him based on what Carolina Pochetti would have said, one of them arrested in the cause of notebooks, a millionaire bribe to this magistrate.

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With commission dedicated to the situation of Corrientes federal judge Carlos Soto Dávila, accused of dealing with drug trafficking and accused in a criminal case in the Federal Capital, The Council's plenary could indeed deal with tables on Rodriguez's case and decides to inform him of the new allegations made against him last week after being aware of the content of the statement which Pochetti gave as contributor to the accusers Carlos Stornelli and Carlos Rivolo.

Meanwhile, the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CACBA) could resolve this Monday to participate in a new complaint and also promote a demonstration on Thursday the 28th to demand the Council of Magistrates, who suspends Rodriguez from his post in case of verifying the accuracy of Pochetti's statements. Legal reports show she was talking about a 10 million dollar bribe.

Pochetti is the widow of the historic private secretary of late Néstor Kirchner, Daniel Muñoz, and told prosecutors that her husband told her that lawyer Miguel Plo, who was also detained, had informed him payment of a millionaire bribe to judge Rodriguez for the benefit of them in the event that was followed by the alleged money laundering of about $ 73 million through the purchase of properties in the United States.

Carolina Pochetti, widow of Néstor Kirchner's secretary, Daniel Muñoz, who entered Comodoro Py detained. Photo Emmanuel Fernández

Carolina Pochetti, widow of Néstor Kirchner's secretary, Daniel Muñoz, who entered Comodoro Py detained. Photo Emmanuel Fernández

According to the judge's deterrent, in that case, his action would have allowed the sale of these properties, known through the so-called Panama papers – and the movement of money supposed to stem from the collection of bribes to contractors of the public works contracts under the kirchnerismo, examined by his colleague Claudio Bonadio in the cause of the Oscar Centeno driver.

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Although it's a formality when Rodríguez learned from the press about Pochetti's accusation, Council members could decide to quote it by Article 11 of the Regulation on the body responsible for selection and control of the judges. This does not mean that Rodriguez has to go personally to the legal council, but that he can spontaneously write in writing when he is informed of the new accusations against him.

If the investigation continues – this is now in the initial phase – the federal judge appointed by Pochetti's jail may be cited in Article 20 of the Governing Board's provisions, which constitutes a call for a preliminary statement in criminal proceedings.

Rodríguez was condemned last November by deputies of the civil coalition Paula Oliveto, Juan Manuel López and Mariana Zuvic and by lawyer Ricardo Monner Sans after the government of the federal chamber that removed the magistrate from the case against Muñoz.

The lawmakers and the legal professional last Friday extended their initial terminations from Pochetti's saying as "vice versa" and asked the Council to ask Bonadio for a copy of the woman's statement. This last judge has not yet approved the agreement reached by the prosecutor with Pochetti, legal sources revoked.

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But to the legislators and Monner Sans, the same Friday the same Friday was added to the pro-governmental deputy who integrates the Council since last year's end, the radical Riojan Inés Brizuela and Doria, who asked his partner Miguel Pichetto (adviser Senator for opposition), to be summoned to declare Pochetti himself.

The two original complaints about Rodriguez as their respective extensions are dealt with separately and advisors of the same are representatives of the graduates Diego Molea and one of the three representatives of the judges Juan Manuel Culotta. Brizuela formally asked pichetto that everything is assembled in a single file.

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