Tuesday , January 19 2021

They return to arrest Rodrigo Eguillor, prosecutor's prosecution accused of sexual abuse

Justice returned to stop Rodrigo Eguillor, prosecutor's son of criminal execution of Lomas de Zamora, Paula Martínez Castro, after being released last week. The young man is accused of sexual abuse of a 22-year-old girl in an apartment in the Porteño neighborhood San Telmo.

The arrest took place around kl. 7:30 am on Thursday in Land "in the south" located in Calle De Vedia 602, Lot 5, in Buenos Aires city Ezeizawhere his father has a house.

The prosecutor's son is transferred to Roberto Pettinato, imprisoned in the city Silver, as indicated by the order that was signed yesterday by the referee Carlos Bruniard. Justice is investigating Eguillor since mid-November for the alleged crimes of illegal detention and sexual abuse.

Rodrigo Eguillor: "I sent a shit, the shit was the video"

Following his controversial statements about Instagram and in a TV raidEguillor had been arrested Wednesday last week when he testified to the prosecutor Veronica Perez, responsible for UFI No. 3 by Esteban Echeverría, in connection with another complaint that a woman filed her against harassment.

In this view, Eguillor had a keen attitude with the prosecutor and she requested immediate arrest. The prosecutor's office has it cause of harassment, for which the young man had already been informed of the ban on him to turn to the complainant and disturb her.

Reported by abuse, an prosecutor's son made a controversial defense

In the case of illegal detention and sexual abuse, Judge Bruniard, responsible for the case, forbade him to leave the country and dictated the limitation to approach the victim.

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