Saturday , January 23 2021

They reveal an impressive picture of the Sun, as you have never seen before

The European Space Agency (ESA) recently shared a number of surprising reproductions of the sun as never before. And despite the fact that there are different photographs and videos, a picture that they have just presented is extremely unbelievable.

It was through his official Twitter account that ESA showed an hour-lapse recording, that is, faster than real-time of the images obtained thanks to the satellite Proba 2, through its SWAP camera.

This video, released on Wednesday, December 12 and already exceeding 10,000 views, was accompanied by a message that read: "Impressive time shift of the incredible atmosphere in the sun changing shape taken by the camera on the satellite Proba-2 SWAP @ ESA, between July and August 2014.

"In order to achieve accurate and reliable room values, constant monitoring of the sun and space from a range of angles is needed, together with timely dissemination of reliable data," the agency said in a statement.

Despite the small weight of just over 286 pounds, this satellite is an important and very effective tool for studying the sun.

His predecessor, Ulysses, the first device was able to approach sun poles but did not have equipment to take pictures.

Just a few days ago, the PROBA-2 satellite had already managed to send a composite image of the North Pole, a photo released by ESA on December 3, and managed to impress the scientific community and users in social networks.

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