Saturday , November 28 2020

They saved the body found on the plane where Emiliano Sala traveled

This Wednesday ship Geo Ocean III immediately completed his work in the area where the plane where the Argentine football player was immersed was found Emiliano Sala. Sources for Air accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) They confirmed that the reason was that they were able to successfully remove the body found inside the plane.

The ship arranged by AAIB was there since Sunday when the ship Morven found the plane dropped to 63 meters deep and 40 kilometers from the Isle of Guernsey.

Now, the agency AP confirmed it the body was found removed and the ship sails Portland in Dorset So a coroner can start working to decide It's about Emiliano Sala or the pilot of the plane, David Ibbotson. The other body's whereabouts are still unknown.

the purpose of Geo Ocean III, working with a remote controlled underwater vehicle also removes the aircraft in order to determine what caused the accident. Therefore, it is believed in the next hours will return to the place.

The bad weather conditions in the English channel are a constant problem for the researchers. "Time's strong conditions mean that we can only use the vehicle operated by the remote control (ROV) for limited periods every day, and that will mean that progress is slow," says an AAIB spokesman.

The only relative for Emiliano Sala which is in Europe is Romina, his sister, who was in the house today, owned by the player in France.

Monday, January 21, Piper PA-46 Malibu where he traveled Emiliano hall from Nantes, France, of course to Cardiff, Wales disappeared from radars when I crossed English channel.

Since then, the work began to find what was interrupted when the Guernsey police stated that it was already impossible to find the two disappeared alive. Later, and thanks to the campaign initiated by the Argentine player's family, enough money was collected to continue the search privately.

In addition, an order from the Argentine Embassy has generated that the UK also participates in the work that contributes, precisely GEO Ocean IIIthat this Wednesday was able to save the body that had been found on Monday.

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