Friday , January 22 2021

This is the "space" mansion that Elon Musk put for sale in California

The extraordinary Elon Musk spacecraft house in California, USA, is on sale for more than $ 5 million.

Co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX He has decided to move out of his mansion and as we can imagine It is controlled by state-of-the-art technology.

Considerably smaller than some of its other houses, Musk originally bought the mega mansion in 2013 with his now ex-wife Talulah Riley.

The property highlights the saltwater pool, which looks like a pit and an adjoining whirlpool tub.

The large windows allow sunlight to enter the four-bedroom house in Brentwood, located 24 kilometers northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Other features They include a state-of-the-art kitchen and an integrated security and sound system with automatic screens along with other unspecified artificial intelligence devices.

Musk confirms that the purpose of their businesses SolarCity. Tesla and SpaceX they are about his view of changing the world and humanity drastically.

Some of its goals are to stop the process of global warming by abandoning fossil fuels by renewable energy, especially solar energy, and reducing the risk of a possible extinction of humanity through evolution towards a "Multiplanetsk civilization" through the creation of a permanent human colony on Mars of about one million people he has repeatedly said.

In a tweet hanged off Musk said he is certain that a trip to Mars one day costs less than $ 500,000, although this price is "very volume dependent".

Elon believes the price of the tickets could Finally, drop to less than USD $ 100,000, cheap enough to "most people in advanced economies can sell their house on the ground and move to Mars if they wish."

Starship SpaceX ship is under development. The company built a prototype to test start and landings and also tests the Raptor rocket engine that will propel it.

Before you take a picture on Mars, SpaceX plans to send Starship around the moon in 2023 with tourists on board.

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