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Tips to avoid a heat stroke

Heat strikes occur when the body loses water and essential salts and therefore faces difficulties in regulating the temperature. It is first and foremost worth noting that it can happen while the heat is suffering or after several days of high temperature.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, You should immediately consult a doctor when you suffer from the symptomswhich are as follows:

– Temperature higher than 39º C (measured in the armpit)
– Excessive sweating
– Dry skin
– Exhaustion, fatigue or weakness
– Dizziness or fainting
– Abdominal pain, lack of appetite, nausea or vomiting
– Headache (feeling of heart beat or tightness)

In the case of infants, they may suffer from specific symptoms such as skin that are very irritated by sweat in the neck, chest, armpits, elbows and diapers fold and irritability (indestructible cry).

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To prevent this, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

– Avoid drinking with caffeine or sugar in excess
– Avoid very cold or very hot drinks
– Avoid heavy meals
– Drink plenty of safe water all day
– Reduce physical activity in the warmest hours.
– Store in ventilated areas.
– Avoid abundant meals and yes, eat fruits and vegetables.
– Older adults and pregnant women should remain particularly well-hydrated and extramural.

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With the youngest, there are specific measures:

– breastfeeding more frequently
– When they have more than 6 months, they continually offer liquids, especially natural juices.
– Dress them in baggy, light, cotton and bright colors or even dress them.
– Bat them and wet their bodies often.
– Suggest quiet games avoiding them shaking.
– Avoid exposing them to sunlight, especially during the dinner, or protect them from their effects whose exposure can not be avoided: by wearing appropriate clothes (hats, long-sleeved clothing) and adequate sunscreen.
– Store in well-ventilated areas or with air conditioning (either at home or in public places) when the ambient temperature is very high.
– Never park with them in a parked and locked vehicle.

How does it work if it happens?

You should quickly try to lower your body temperature with ice or a bath in ice water.

It is also important:

– Offer fresh water (or even water with a teaspoonful of salt)
– Move the person in a cool and ventilated place
– Avoid administration of anti-fever medicine
– Do not rub the skin with alcohol

Heat strokes can be very serious especially for babies and toddlers.

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