Saturday , January 23 2021

To renew DNI, passport or driving license, you must present the vaccination certificate updated

The Senate approved yesterday a law requiring all Argentinians to present the vaccination certificate daily to process or renew the ID card, passport, driving license, residence permit or certificate. The regulation – which updates law 22909, which was in force since 1983 – derives from a project from the Tucumán legislature Pablo Yedlin

So far, the obligation to have vaccines updated for children only and their certificate was required to sign up for the schools. But with the modification, adults, according to their age, will also need the document to take these steps forward. The update of the law also determines the vaccination's tip and its tax exemption. "The state must guarantee the purchase of vaccines and supplies," says the text.

It was also found that the document that will be presented is the so-called Unique vaccination card (CUV), where the compulsory vaccination registers must be kept and it must provide access to the vaccines for the population. The card is issued by agencies authorized to use vaccines such as hospitals (public and private) and pharmacies. It will also be necessary to treat family benefits and studies. The law clarifies among several things that "the lack of compliance with the established presentation will not be an obstacle to prosecution of the proceedings."

As stated, Adults will be asked to use hepatitis B and double bacterial adults. Those born after 1965 include triple viral (measles, hides and rubella). Those who exceed this age should be given to flu and pneumococcal.

Among other things, the new legislation changes that adults and guardians of minors will be responsible for their vaccination, but in case of non-compliance "will generate actions from the corresponding jurisdiction's health authority".

Among other considerations of the law, it is stated that the absence of work is warranted on the day of the vaccine, with the prior permission of the employer and the submission of the evidence. The establishment of the National Register for the Digital Vaccinated Population is also planned, where vaccination data for all inhabitants in the country will be stored and it was created on 26 August each year as national vaccination day.

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