Saturday , January 16 2021

Total eclipse and blood moon will decorate the sky the same day in 2019

One of the most rare and spectacular astronomical phenomena known to occur takes place during the first month of the year, which is inaugurated in 2019, as rarely seen.

It's going to be January 20, when the first moon of the year's moon is seen in the sky, and also the moon will go through two of its most special and valued phases: the phenomena known as supermoon and blood moon that will go on while the satellite disappears and appears again in the sky.

To recapitulate, it is called the Moon of Blood to the lunar phase, where it looks intensely red and happens when the Moon enters the darkest shadow of the Earth, instead of remaining hidden.

This almost incredible blend can be appreciated in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth, that is, the American continent, part of Western Europe and Africa, NASA reported.

With information from Televisa News.

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