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Tragedy in La Plata: a 6-year-old boy drowned in a summer colony – 05/02/2019

one inexplicable tragedy in the middle of a day of fun. A six-year-old boy was drowned in the swimming pool he attended with the holiday colony at a private high school. Silver

They said to bugle official sources, the youngest Lucas Liyn, enjoyed the day of sun and recreation in the complex Lincoln School of this city, one of the most traditional within the framework of non-governmental enterprises. The property is located in the Hernández area, northwest of the center of the provincial capital.

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Until this Tuesday, they are responsible for the trip They didn't realize how the denouement happened fatal. When the teachers made the story of offering them the snack around midnight, they found out that Lucas was missing. Immediately one of those responsible for the group of younger children went to the swimming pool and he found it small in the background.

Managers, desperate, called the same ambulances and emergency company employed by the institution. The boy was dead. Justice ordered the realization of an autopsy to determine the causes of death. The first hypotheses maintain that Lucas had separated from the group and fell into the natatorium. Those responsible for custody would not have noticed that accident.

"They called the father and They told him he had drowned. There are no explanations from the place, "said Fernando Bdair, a parent-in-law attorney of Chinese origin.

"Comments to relatives are that they would have forgotten it in the pool. When they left, they did the counters of the boys and one was missing. They found it at the bottom of the pool," the lawyer added in dialogue with TN.

The complex of sports and leisure activities in Lincoln School is 518 between 135 and 136. The colony for primary or secondary students is activated all seasons, as explained by the La Plata municipal authorities.

In the capital of Buenos Aires, there are 30 ventures of these characteristics for minors or young people on the periphery, in nearby sites or in the center. They group between 80 and 120 children. Lincoln had a hundred students when the tragedy took place this afternoon. And the municipality's inspectors had carried out a review of the facilities on 11 January. "No Anomalies"says the inspector's report.

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Lincoln de La Plata is located in 6 blocks, between 40 and 41. It is one of the most expensive training centers in the city. It pays off up to 15 thousand pesos monthly fee for academic activities done on a double day. It is not a bilingual school.

In addition, parents can hire the services of Summer Colony, called "Lincoln Summer Camp" enabled for students enrolled. According to the authorities' call, summer's proposals are led by a teacher, "accompanied by a staff of specialized teachers, lifeguards and permanent physicians".

The proposal included "swimming (daily), games, music, camps and craft workshops". With transfer, breakfast, lunch and snack, the service costs just over 12,000 pesos for the whole month and 5,500 pesos for two weeks in December.

The sports field occupies several acres in the Hernández area almost to the border with the San Carlos neighborhood. It has a large green space for children to carry out teaching camps, in various areas led and planned with other areas. Football and hockey fields, two pools – one indoor and one outdoor – and a large house for didactic activities.

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