Tuesday , January 26 2021

Turmeric to prevent cancer?

(ANSA) – A group of interdisciplinary researchers developed in Chile an emulsion based on the molecule of turmeric -used as spices in different millennial cultures – it has enabled them to prevent the reopening of cancer and metastases in 100% of the treated animals with only one dose.

The team is part of the Advanced Center for Chronic Illnesses (ACCDis), which is a benchmark in research practices that seeks to identify the genetic, environmental and social elements that determine the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer in it Chilean population to offer alternatives to prevention or control.

The University of Chile, the Argentinean biochemistry Marcel Kogan, specializing in nanomedicine, emphasized the importance of studying chronic diseases and showed that 52% of the deaths in this country are associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer .

"Chronic diseases threaten the quality of life for Chileans due to an epidemic" of risk factors affecting the people over 45 and the child, "he said. The Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and ACCDiS, Felipe Oyarzún, explained at a press conference that the main component in the human body is water ", which means that the substances must be soluble."

But in the treatment of cancer, there are many molecules that do not dissolve in water, so they are not effective. In addition, most of the therapies contain toxic elements that kill both bad and good cells. "Curcumin is a fragile and highly unstable molecule when administered without vehiculizarla – except that it has no effect, it can quickly destabilize." Within the nanovehicle we created, the protection is much longer, which would indicate a long-term effect on the administration site, "explained Oyarzún.

Likewise, it revealed the inadvertence of the formula when used in doses much higher than necessary to inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of tumors. They stated that the application was when the tumor was removed before the end of the procedure, a few drops were used, and the result was that the tumor did not show up or metastasize in another body.

Oyarzún and Kogan stated that they are in the preclinical stage and that it is necessary to proceed in certified studies as they need a laboratory or pharmaceutical industry to be interested in performing the tests. Prior to an ANSA consultation he stated that the value of the product formulation is one third of the dollar but does not include distribution, overpopulation or marketing. He said that many people are asking to ask how much turmeric should be used to treat or prevent cancer and they say that this has been done at laboratory level to create a milk emulsion that should investigate how much a person should take in proportion to their weight, type of cancer, etc. If you spray turmeric on your salads, stews, at most what you will be accumulated on the stomach level and take advantage of the properties of an antioxidant and antiinflammatory.

The interdisciplinary team has everything ready to start the next tests as long as they have the resources. In this objective, the Center aims to have a foundation that allows for private contributions.

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