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UAE ARA San Juan: Not yet able to view the 67 thousand pictures and start declining relatives – 12/10/2018

In a few days, it will be a month since the ship Seabed Constructor from the company Ocean Infinity, found the submarine ARA San Juan and recorded 67,000 images in the Atlantic's depths. These are photos that will be used to reconstruct the ship's state of the earth, allegedly in a 3D model as advertised.

Last Wednesday, the judge took charge of the investigation, Marta Yáñez, in possession of these pictures, which arrived by plane from South Africa after the ship moored in the port of Cape Town. Now the pictures are in their offices in Caleta Olivia's federal court. But they have not yet been visualized: they remain on three hard drives that contain 20 terabyte information.

Yañez explained to bugle that they must first solve some technical issues to open the files. It is a very heavy amount of information. "The idea is to change the server's server and put an exclusivity to the images that I can only access for a security issue," said the magistrate.

There are two aspects that play at the same time: one is the weight of the pictures, so you need a software that is capable of supporting this information in high definition; The other is the guarantee that the images are only seen by judge Yañez, so the contents are not delicious. to It was a special request from relatives.

A little over a year after ARA San Juan's collapse, already over 80 people, mainly linked to the fleet, have already witnessed the case. However, a process still under consideration is testimony of relatives to the 44 crew members who died in the tragedy. Yáñez will start this Tuesday to take a statement of statements. It will be the tournament of the first four families.

From these testimonies, elements could help to determine The reasons why the submarine is sinking. So far there are signs of what could have happened: a valve in the ship's snorkel and the intrusion of water that caused a battery fire. That accident would have been the beginning of the end.

One of the questions to be answered in the coming months is whether that episode was an isolated event or there was a story, that is, if events of this type had already been registered earlier. In this sense, the voice of the family can be an element that helps to reconstruct that story.

"Until now, I have preferred to respect the pain", Yáñez had told this newspaper a couple of hours after the exploration of the submarine, 907 meters deep and 500 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia. He referred to the pain of family members, as now, with the assurance that their loved ones remain there, can begin to contribute what they know, so justice can work.

On 27 November, the judge held a teleconference from Caleta Olivia with relatives who were in Mar del Plata. Many claimed to be able to see more than the three pictures that had spread so far. And they demanded that ARA San Juan be refloated. Yáñez has so far not ruled out this option, but the government is not considering it and she trusts that 3D reconstruction can be a good source of response.

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