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Unforgettable and epic: Talleres won 2-0 to São Paulo for Libertadores

Workshops received São Paulo from Brazil in Mario Alberto Kempe's stadium, to the first leg of the series similar to the second phase of the Cup Libertadores. It was his return to Libertadores 17 years later. And it was a party. Crazy.

It's that he won Workshops 2-0, takes a basic benefit for the rematch Wednesday at 20:30 in Morumbí.

1-0 was scored by Juan Ramírezat 12 o'clock the second time. 2-0 fell to the right Tomás Pochettino, at 41 ST.

1-0 in Portuguese

2-0 in Portuguese

The comment

He started with great enthusiasm T, trying to be boring and pushing the opponent's output a lot. Cubas stopped right to contain Hernanes and Pochettino set him free and played mostly on the left.

Despite the determination, Palacios and Moreno were not fine to attend, and gradually the visitor began to take charge of the ball.

The pages were a difficult place to hold for workshops, with Everton and Nené at a high level. The stuffed ball was also a strong weapon from the Brazilians.

The staggering pace of Sao Paulo tried to be counteracted by Vojvoda's patience and order, each of which removed the verticality of the process.

Dayro Moreno, first and Guiñazú later, were those who had the chance of shots from outside. So T came to half an hour of the first half. Sao Paulo became more dangerous with the handling of Hernanes and the skills at its extremes.

In the last few minutes, the team's confidence and air were resumed, and he was urged to attack him more, with Palacios as the standard bearer. By virtue of some free throws it was put in the rivalry area and it moved away from its own.

It was not pleasant Workshops for the first 45 minutes and sometimes exceeded. Again, a great achievement of Tenaglia helped him and keep him zero on his fence.

Workshops left renewed for the second phase. He was urged to attack more in Sao Paulo, and with an inspired Palacios, the area repeatedly came thanks to the abundance of Godoy and "Tucu". In the game I still had a debt, with a little circulation, but fighting every ball as if it were the last.

And then the goal of Ramírez, a ball was restored in the pressure and activated the best way by the wheel. He put it there where Volpi could never reach the delirium of the 48,000 people who attended Kempes.

After the goal the team went a little shock, but Palacios was unmanageable, and Guiñazú became more and more figure. Vojvoda compounded the line of five and tried to cover the pages. The Hudson draft was an acknowledgment for feeling he could not escape. The Matadore brought out a goat fight, well by the Copa Libertadores, and it surpassed him with personality and cunning.

He never gave up and fought him like an equal. Yes, I would end up in the end because there was a big wound in front, but it was imposed in the second stage as it had to be done.

Sao Paulo was also in line with the goal of difference, but appeared to Pochettino and Arias wall, which ended the night by Mario Alberto Kempes.

The synthesis

workshops: Guido Herrera; Leonardo Godoy, Nahuel Tenaglia, Juan Cruz Komar and Enzo Diaz; Tomás Pochettino, Andrés Cubas, Pablo Guiñazú and Juan Ramírez; Sebastián Palacios and Dayro Moreno. DT: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

Sao Paulo: Jean; Igor Vinicius, Bruno Alves, Rodrigo Nestor and Léo; Felipe Araruna, Willian Farías and Hernanes; Everton Felipe, Helio Junio ​​and Gonzalo Carneiro. DT: André Jardine.

Goal: ST, 12m Juan Ramírez (T), 42m Pochettino (T).

changes: ST, 15m Diego Souza to Nené (SP), 24m Fernando Bersano to Ramírez (T), June 31, Arias to Moreno (T).

reserved: Pablo, Hernanes (SP); Cubas and Diaz (T).

expelled: ST, 35m Hudson (SP).

judging: Wilmar Roldán (Colombia). court: Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium.

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