Sunday , October 24 2021

Unusual: Patricia Bullrich wants Porteños to "leave the city" during the G20 days | Policy


Unusual: Patricia Bullrich wants porteños

Unusual: Patricia Bullrich wants Porteños to "leave the city" on the G20 days

"We recommend to the porteños that they leave, enjoy the long weekend. There will be many closed areas because security measures are very strong and decisions to act for such violence will be immediate, "said the security minister on Thursday. Patricia Bullrich, regarding the days when The G20 Summit.

In view of the program carried out by media operator Luis Majul for A24, the official said: "We are completely prepared with many security forces in the street and we will do a very strong operation. "

The meeting, which will take place every day November 30 and December 1 In the city of Buenos Aires it calls leaders for the world's biggest economic forces and has prepared well in advance.

Despite the tense social climate, Bullrich did not hesitate to pour gasoline on fire and warned: "We know that there are opportunities to create violence, chaos and overflow, and for that we will raise it in Argentina, those who can protest peacefully can do it, but We will isolate the violent groups. "

The minister insisted that residents of the federal capital leave their homes before the possibility of a problem and recommended that they move away since Thursday, if possible.

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