Monday , January 18 2021

Unveiled the features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Limited Edition

It looks like the number of versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 It will be bigger than many might think. We say this as it has been known that it will do one limited version with a hardware far better than the rest of the components of the Asian company's new product range.

That is, apart from the Samsung Galaxy S10e, several details of which are already known, a limited version will be for sale for those seeking to make the best of the market. This model will have important differences in relation to the others, and in particular this will be noticed in what has to do with its memory (Although everything points out that the manufacturing material could also be different from metal and crystal and in this case to use ceramic as seen in some previous filtering of the Samsung Galaxy S10).

Exynos 9820: This is the Samsung Galaxy S10 processor that comes to Spain

The thing is that the model we were talking about would integrate nothing less than 12 GB of RAM, a very important brand, and so far only very little on the market (only Lenovo with the Z5 Pro GT has decided to take this step right now). Except for the storage 1 TB UFS type to ensure good performance, and we must not forget that this company already produces chips that offer this capacity in their factories. The processor will not change compared to the other versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10, so it will be a Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 depending on the market where it is sold – and without missing the fingerprint reader integrated into the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 white with ceramic finish

Sale of Samsung Galaxy S10 Limited Edition

This model is logically to be announced (at least in passing) in Unpacked Event of February 20which will be born when the new product range of high-end phones from the company sees the light. But yes, it will have its own route in what has to do with the sale. Thus, according to the information source, it is expected that it will be the day March 15th When it is possible to buy this advanced version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and certainly want more than one get it to get the best I have ever released to this manufacturer.

versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Of course, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Limited Edition, which will have a screen of about 6.5 inches, will not be quite low. In this way we are talking about about $ 1,500 (more or less stays of 1,325 euros to change) what you have to pay to get it. Finally, it is possible that this terminal comes with some color that does not offer the rest models that makes up the product range so that it is very easy to distinguish from it.

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