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Verónica Ojeda traveled to Mexico amidst scandalous versions – 06/02/2019

Verónica Ojeda (42) left the country with his son, Dieguito Fernando (5), in the middle scandalous versions. It happens that the media finally traveled this Monday night Sinaloa. mexico, to reconnect with Diego Maradona (58).

But within hours of leaving for the Aztec country, also accompanied by Jana Maradona (20) Many versions of his reconciliation with his son's father were enlightened.

On one side, Adrián Pallares counted in unwelcome guests (America at 13.30) at platinum must "install and want to live with maradona" while waiting for "a trip to that Dieguito is treated in a specialized clinic in Miamiwhere he was last year. "

Is it the minor have speech difficulties and therefore his mother goes to specialists from abroad, though will travel alone to the United States since ten he cannot enter the country since the positive doping in the 1994 World Cup.

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"He goes to the psychologist because he has difficulty speaking … It's an emotional block. I did all the treatments I took myself outside … everything depends on him to move on"Veronica himself told in an interview with Carolina pampita Ardohain (41) last year, weeks before voting with Diego.

Verónica Ojeda after the admission of Dieguito Fernando in 2017. (Movilpress)

Verónica Ojeda after the admission of Dieguito Fernando in 2017. (Movilpress)

"In addition, they are looking for a school for the boy and the doctor's topic"Pallares added on Tuesday.

On the other hand Marina Calabro (46) spoken in Mariana's diary (El Trece, at 2.30 pm) than from "Matías Morla's press office (lawyer and close friend of Diego)" they confirmed the tripwhose first destination was Mexico City and then arriving in Sinaloa.

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But other details about The new relationship between Diego and Verónicathat at present both insure only for their son's welfare, they made themselves known in the last few hours.

In that sense Luis Ventura (63) revealed in involved (America, Monday to Friday at 10.30 am): "Veronica left the cell phone she usually had because Maradona gave her another number since he does not want it to be related to his past life ".

Diego Maradona with Verónica Ojeda after her reconciliation. (Instagram)

Diego Maradona with Verónica Ojeda after her reconciliation. (Instagram)

Faced with this, Pía Shaw (39), the cyclist's driver, said: "It's a shame that Ventura tellshow a woman who has a whole life is going to lose everything, don't let it go ".

Meanwhile, according to Pecoraro Mess in Every afternoon (The nine, Monday to Friday at 4 pm) ten Not only did he ask his younger son's mother to change the cell phone, but he did it in the worst case.

"Another episode of violence: Diego he destroyed Verónica's cell. That's why days ago no one could find hernot even his own family, "the journalist began.

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Meanwhile, he revealed the words that DT by Dorados de Sinaloa I would have told his ex-wife before he left: "You travel and leave your mobile phone, if you travel with your mobile phone, you go back".

In addition, the panelist added: "He decides that she has no connection with her people, with her environment and much less with the Argentine press. He doesn't want me to talk to anyone. "

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