Saturday , November 28 2020

Video: The fun David Nalbandian crossing with Boca fans in Madrid – 12/23/2018

Two weeks ago, the river Boca beat 3-1 and was crowned champion of the Copa Libertadores in Madrid. The battle that played in Bernabéu called many Argentine fans who traveled specifically to be in a historic battle. Among the famous fans, former tennis player David Nalbandian said present to encourage the team of his love, River.

In a video that went viral and transcended now, Nalbandian, from a car, crossed with Boca fans who went through the Spanish capital. There, the xeneizes song that "La Doce is crazy, will championship, want to celebrate".

And the hut was interrupted by a "Boca is all fucking", which was surprisingly sung by Nalbandian himself. The fun scene was finished with the great reaction of xeneizes.

At incredible speed, the young people counteracted: "Won DavisThe bitch who stopped you, Ganá la Davis, the bitch who carried you, "they cried to the former tennis player so everyone met each other with a big wave.

Cordovan had traveled to Buenos Aires to see the second finale to play in Monumental. Currently, he criticized the world before the suspensions. "I came to watch a football game and I'm really disappointed, the organizers can't play that way with the people, it was a real shame and respect for the people, they are unmanageable."

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