Thursday , October 21 2021

Violence in football: He burned the house to his friend after discussion of Boca


In anticipation of the conditions in which Superclásico will be played, a man sets fire in another's home. It happened in Misiones.

Superclásico preliminary between Boca and River for the final of Copa Libertadores that would begin to be defined next Saturday has lost the football world and is a topic of conversation that stands out in all fields and circumstances.

Mission is no exception to this context, but in the apostles the evidence of this was a struggle between friends who ended the fire brigade in their wooden house. A real madness.

According to local police sources, the incident occurred in the afternoon, around 15. Arturo, 29, called the troops after telling him that his house in the Cantera neighborhood was consumed by the flames. .

When the troops interviewed him, Arturo said that moment before his friend and former father-in-law, with which he would have had a discussion "about soccer problems".

The nominee, Oscar, lived with him for two weeks and left leaving the spot after the match. Then Arturo went to the football field when the neighbors warned him about the fire, which consumed almost all their belongings. Fortunately there were no damages. Police sources consulted with this means that it was a battle for the Boca River.

"I discussed which of the two is best and the fire was put", summed up a spokesman consulted. Because of this, until last night, the local police sought, because the neighbors saw it before the flames arrived.

The Division of the Regional Unit VII's Scientific Police conducted corresponding investigations at the place ordered by the local court.

The results are waiting to continue the investigation.

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