Tuesday , November 24 2020

Volkswagen and Toyota, the two brands that can celebrate despite a tough 2018

The result is that Instead of the million units expected, it will end up with just over 800,000. Until yesterday, they had been patented 796,482 units. In the few days left to December, there is time to break that ceiling.

Especially for the strong bonuses that are being used, which get discounts up to 40%. The reason for these reductions is to reduce the high inventory levels – estimated at 260,000 units – and meet the commercial targets that factories impose on dealers. In this way, the year ends 10% lower than 2017, but with a monthly annual decline of 40% in the last quarter, which is expected in 2019 at around 600,000 units.

As happens every year, the market has winners and losers. Based on data from patents that had until Friday, Volkswagen will be the leading brand in 2018 in the 15th year in a row. It had registered 118,020 vehicles. In second place was Renault, with 113,216 units. In the days that are barely left, the French mark may shift the Germans. The third place was maintained by General Motors, with 100,678 0km.


The situation changes when looking at the ranking of models. The first place until yesterday was for the Toyota Hilux, with 33,249 patents. In this way, the pick-up picks up position no. 1 in general sales. Last year, it was the Volkswagen Gol, who occupied this position for several years. Today it is in the generation renewal phase. This explains the current low demand. But Hilux won over many models that cost half. "Chata" Japanese is sold between $ 800,000 and $ 1,800,000, according to the versions.

The explanation for this phenomenon has to do with economic reasons and trends. Among the first, there is a great demand from sectors such as landscape, mining, oil and gas as a result of improving the activity level. There are many companies that are renewing their car parks. In the second case, the public turns to segments such as pickups and SUVs.


In addition, you need to add another achievement. It is a national production vehicle. The rest of the "top ten" arrives imported from Brazil, except Sandero, which is manufactured in both countries. The second fact that Toyota is celebrating is that the second-best model on the market is the Etios model. Until yesterday, it had 31,927 patented units. They are followed by Chevrolet Onix and Ford Ka with just over 30,000. In the few days remaining, they could displace Etios. If the positions remain the same, Toyota will occupy the first two places of public preference. Something new.

The other side of these automakers, who have reasons to celebrate, despite a difficult 2018 – especially in terms of profitability – are the Chinese brands that have flooded the market over the past two years. In some cases, they sold between 2 and 4 units in December. Other imported brands also received very low numbers in 2018. Given that 2019 will show a declining market, it will be difficult for these companies to maintain their structures with such low demand.

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